Personal experiences and theory

In this assignment, you will be examining how one of your personal experiences relates to a theory. This assignment has four parts, so please read through the entire assignment before completing it.

Part 1

Think of a place where you regularly spend a lot of time. Write down what you would expect to see and hear when you are there.


Part 2

Go to that place that you listed in Part 1 and observe and listen for ten minutes. At the end of 10 minutes, write down what you observed and heard.


Part 3

Look up the concept of “signal-detection theory” in your book. Using your own words, explain what this concept means.


Part 4

Using signal-detection theory, explain why your assumptions in Part 1 were similar to or different from your observations in Part 2. Be sure to address how signals (images, sounds, smells, etc.) may differ between someone’s memory of an experience and someone’s actual experience. 


The assignment will be graded on the following:

  • Respond appropriately to all of the question(s).
  • Provide enough information and detail to support and explain your experiences, thoughts, and/or ideas.
  • Provide information that reflects an understanding of the assigned readings.
  • Write in complete sentences using correct grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Do not use text message acronyms.
  • Make sure that your purpose/thesis is evident.
  • Your paragraphs should clearly support the purpose/thesis.
  • Sentences within a paragraph should clearly support the topic of that paragraph.
  • Be sure that the content within the assignment is placed in a logical order.
  • Your transitions between ideas should illustrate the relationship between ideas and allow the reader to pass from one idea to the next without confusion.
  • Your conclusion/conclusions should be apparent and clearly defined.

 Refer to the rubric below for a detailed account of the grading criteria.