My Type

Find your Myers-Briggs type by completing the brief test at (Links to an external site.). After you know your type, write a two-page paper discussing the characteristics of this type and how you could use this knowledge in your day-to-day life. Do you think the type you have been given is accurate? Why or why not?

The assignment will be graded on the following:

  • Respond appropriately to all of the question(s).
  • Provide enough information and detail to support and explain your experiences, thoughts, and/or ideas.
  • Provide information that reflects an understanding of the assigned readings.
  • Write in complete sentences using correct grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Do not use text message acronyms.
  • Make sure that your purpose/thesis is evident.
  • Your paragraphs should clearly support the purpose/thesis.
  • Sentences within a paragraph should clearly support the topic of that paragraph.
  • Be sure that the content within the assignment is placed in a logical order.
  • Your transitions between ideas should illustrate the relationship between ideas and allow the reader to pass from one idea to the next without confusion.
  • Your conclusion/conclusions should be apparent and clearly defined.