Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Project

 Deliverables: a. Use SPC project as a reference or others for problem-solving b. Practical Concepts Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. Define State information about the customer, issue, problem, opportunity, goals, resources, and timeline. Measure: COURSE SYLLABUS Page 8 of 13 Establish metrics and measure baseline performance. Analyze: Compare current performance to the goal. c. A project charter is being developed (A template is attached). d. One page summary evaluation 


 Topic: Choose a process for evaluation and key characteristic (measurable) for your job or personal life Examples: Personal weight or calorie intake. The time between repairs, and shutdowns. Time spent in meetings. Chemistry content in a melting process. Work time between meetings. Time to get to work. Utility bills, energy use. Vehicle gas bill or maintenance/repair. Phone bills, phone use. Some important processes at work