In the late 1800’s, a number of scientists conducted studies to determine the correlation between brain size and intelligence. These researchers determined that males have larger brains compared to females, even when making adjustments for body size. Thus, males were more intelligent. Based on the information that you have read in this course, do you believe that people with larger brains are more intelligent? Why or why not? If not, what other factors could explain differences in intelligence between people. Be sure to integrate information from your textbook in your response.

The assignment will be graded on the following:

  • Respond appropriately to all of the question(s).
  • Provide enough information and detail to support and explain your experiences, thoughts, and/or ideas.
  • Provide information that reflects an understanding of the assigned readings.
  • Write in complete sentences using correct grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Do not use text message acronyms.
  • Make sure that your purpose/thesis is evident.
  • Your paragraphs should clearly support the purpose/thesis.
  • Sentences within a paragraph should clearly support the topic of that paragraph.
  • Be sure that the content within the assignment is placed in a logical order.
  • Your transitions between ideas should illustrate the relationship between ideas and allow the reader to pass from one idea to the next without confusion.
  • Your conclusion/conclusions should be apparent and clearly defined.