Discussion: The Quest

Thread: Last week you read a substantial portion of The Quest by creation biologist Dr. Todd Wood. Based on your reading, please discuss the following in a 250-word (minimum) post:

  1. What did you consider to be the strongest argument that he presents for young Earth creation? Why is that?
  2. What did you consider to be the most difficult problem facing young-Earth creation?

In your post, please provide TWO additional sources that discuss the topics you chose (one source for each). Sources can be Faith, Form, and TimeIs Genesis History, or another source such as a book, journal article, or article from a organizational website. If choosing the latter, suggestions include:

Young-Earth organizations:

  • Answers in Genesis
  • Institute for Creation Research
  • Creation Ministries International

Old-Earth and Theistic Evolution organizations (critical of young-Earth views):

  • Reasons to Believe
  • Biologos