Data analytics/visualization project proposal

  1. The proposal should state the selected topic in Data Analytics or Visualization for your presentation clearly from the Project Outline Topics PPT. In order to select a good topic, you are expected to conduct an extensive literature search and to review a set of core technical articles.  
  2. The proposal should define well the scope for your presentation.  
  3. The proposal should include at least 3-5 key reference papers for your presentation. These references should be from academic journals/conference proceedings/technical reports/magazines, etc. (Please do not use trade journal papers.)   
  4. The proposal should try to include following at the due time of the proposal:
  • Introduction and objectives of the research.  
  • Current state of arts and existing methodologies in the specific area.   
  • Barriers, issues, and open problems in the area. 
  • Existing, expected, proposed solutions, methods, and algorithms if any at the time of the class presentation. 
  • Examples in details (step by step) to illustrate concepts, principles, theories, algorithms, methodologies, etc.  e. Expected research results if any at the time of the class presentation.
  • Analysis and comparison of research methods, algorithms, and expected results if any at the time of the class presentation.
  • Expected conclusions and future research directions if any at the time of the class.