Assignment 1

Find a passage of approximately 400-500 words from a technical blog post or other online article aimed at specialists in your field. This should be something that would be difficult for a non-specialist to understand. Revise the posting for a specific group of readers outside your field who might need to know this information (e.g., business managers, city officials, school administrators).

Your revision should be entirely in your own words. (Don’t use any kind of article spinning/rewriting/paraphrasing  tool.)

Choose one hypothetical audience group only. In a separate paragraph at the beginning of your response, include a link to the original, and a brief (50-word minimum) explanation of who your hypothetical audience is and what the context or situation is. Include the link and the explanation of your audience in both your rough and final drafts.

Keep in mind “the qualities of good technical writing” discussed on page 8.

Your purpose is to explain the concept to a non-technical audience and to explain why they should care.

You are free to format this in any way you think would be most effective to your purpose and audience.

Final draft should be 500-700 words long (not including your 50-word-minimum audience description).