Admission essay

Select at least two (2) academic resources (articles/online literature) that describe the health, social, and economic benefits related to nurse practitioner practice in the Unites States. Use the information from your sources and your own personal and professional preparation to answer the following questions in your application essay for the WGU FNP program:? • How have your life and professional experiences prepared you for the WGU FNP program? • How can the WGU FNP program prepare you to deliver healthcare to the community in which you live? • Please describe the type of clinical practice you will pursue upon graduation from the WGU FNP program (e.g. family practice, outpatient internal medicine, etc). • How can your future clinical practice as an FNP affect the quality and cost of care for patients and their families? Please add this statement to the bottom of your Application Essay. You may include a typed signature. I have reviewed and understand the scope of practice of the Family Nurse Practitioner role in my state of _________. Signature Line:


Needs to include 3 pages double spaced and a reference page. I am pursing Outpatient Internal Medicine.